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Nice Created These Projects

Here are a few of the projects we have created.
Jillian Coleman Realtor 

Strategic Marketing, Persona Mapping, Content Creation for Jillian Coleman Realtor

Strategic communications and content creation helped increase engagement, real estate leads and revenue for Jillian Coleman.
PEI twitter 

Content Creation and Audience Engagement for The Perinatal Equity Initiative

Client Challenge Providing support, resources, and access for Black birthing women 16 years and older, the team at Black Infant...
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branding for the ubuntu center 

Branding and Strategic Communications for The Ubuntu Center

Client Challenge The Ubuntu Center core team is passionate, dedicated and resilient in their fight against racism and the advancement...
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mes social media graphic 

Communications Strategy and Content Creation for the New Jersey Prematurity Prevention Initiative

Client Challenge The new executive director of SNJPC desired stronger engagement of PPI’s newest attempt to reach their community, the Maternal...
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