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Jillian Coleman Realtor 

Strategic Marketing, Persona Mapping, Content Creation for Jillian Coleman Realtor

Strategic communications and content creation helped increase engagement, real estate leads and revenue for Jillian Coleman.
PEI twitter 

Content Creation and Audience Engagement for The Perinatal Equity Initiative

Client Challenge Providing support, resources, and access for Black birthing women 16 years and older, the team at Black Infant Health in...
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branding for the ubuntu center 

Branding and Strategic Communications for The Ubuntu Center

Client Challenge The Ubuntu Center core team is passionate, dedicated and resilient in their fight against racism and the advancement of population...
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Sharrelle Barber - The Belle Ringer 

Editorial Direction and Graphic Design

Nice Media Group was the editorial director for Bennett College’s alumnae publication, The Belle Ringer. We developed and copy-edited the stories, and...
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Nice Entertaining Magazine

Nice Entertaining Magazine is a subsidy product of Nice Media Group. Our team edits, writes for and designs the publication.
editorial support washington dc 

Magazine Editing

Integrated Media Publishing has four magazines. Editorial support included copyediting, photo-gathering, photo-editing, and writing for each monthly issue. Special sections such as...
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NAHRO display banner 

Conference Advocacy Materials

The National Association of Housing and Development Officials (NAHRO), is the industry’s leading voice on Capitol Hill. The organization hosts three conferences...
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