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Strategic communications and content creation.
Redesigning the website of a 147 year old company.

Digital Project Management

Starting at idea conception through final project evaluation, Nice Media Group counsels and works with a team to manage your digital needs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective channel to communicate with your clients. Nice Media Group will assist you in personalizing your messages, properly segmenting your subscribers, sending mobile-friendly emails, testing copy and designing templates and icons, as well as creating automated email campaigns.

Website Development

Convey an informative international landing platform through our website development expertise. Together, we will design a visual style guide for consistency, including colors, typefaces and graphics; organize content and pages for easy navigation and accessibility; and match you with our analytics expert to track traffic and provide recommendations to continuously improve your website.

Social Media Campaigns

Yes to hashtags and retweets. With data to back you, Nice Media Group develops campaigns around who you want to reach, what you want to tell them and what you want them to do. Our team will assess your needs and recommend which platform(s) to use – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – and assist you in creating graphics, videos, live posts, hashtags, locations and the content to support your page.

Digital Portfolio

email marketing, social media and website development
Jillian Coleman Realtor 

Strategic Marketing, Persona Mapping, Content Creation for Jillian Coleman Realtor

Strategic communications and content creation helped increase engagement, real estate leads and revenue for Jillian Coleman.
PEI twitter 

Content Creation and Audience Engagement for The Perinatal Equity Initiative

Client Challenge Providing support, resources, and access for Black birthing women 16 years and older, the team at Black Infant...
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branding for the ubuntu center 

Branding and Strategic Communications for The Ubuntu Center

Client Challenge The Ubuntu Center core team is passionate, dedicated and resilient in their fight against racism and the advancement...
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mes social media graphic 

Communications Strategy and Content Creation for the New Jersey Prematurity Prevention Initiative

Client Challenge The new executive director of SNJPC desired stronger engagement of PPI’s newest attempt to reach their community, the Maternal...
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Based in Washington, D.C. with additional locations in the East and West Coasts.

What Clients Say

Nice people. Nice experiences. Nice work.

Carmen M. Smith

Carmen M. Smith directs projects at Nice Media Group. She brings in a wealth of expertise managing communications projects for international community and economic development organizations. Prior to Nice Media Group, Carmen was an award-winning editor for several magazines centered around economic development and women’s entrepreneurship. She also has been a lead graphic designer for national e-commerce brands. Carmen holds a bachelor’s from Bennett College and a master’s from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University’s journalism and business dual program.


Dominique Mackey

Dominique Mackey is the Digital Strategist for Nice Media Group. With a strong background in video production and project management, she works with clients to strengthen their digital presence and voice. She’s worked for Emmy award winning production company Bunim & Murray on a MTV hit-reality show, utilizing her skills and creative direction on reels and other video related projects. Dominique has an array of experience and knowledge in advertising, branding, video production and execution of strategic marketing plans. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies and is a candidate for a master’s in Strategic Communication.

About Us

Nice Media Group is a print and digital media project management firm based in Washington, D.C., with additional service opportunities in the Southeast and West Coast. Our team supports agencies with strategies to build or refine their messaging for print and digital campaigns.
Why We Are Nice

“Wow, this is really nice!”

We named the company Nice, because that’s exactly the response we want from you, our valued client. Our nice group of communications experts are superior when it comes to client relations – making nice experiences for you and providing nice products for your organization.