Park Seed Website Redesign

Carmen led the initiative to revamp the Park Seed website. Before the update, the website had competing colors, text and images. In an effort to focus the customer, the new design included decluttering features such as redesigning with clean lines and using a digital style guide for colors and images. We also added user functionality such as a “my account” and “view cart” dropdown.

Other changes included:

  • Centered the Park Seed logo and reorganized the header to include the customer service phone number (customers need visible contact information)
  • Added a “Today’s Specials” feature so that customers always had one location to view current promos (prior to, designers would create marketing bar images for each promo adding more workload for staff and more files for the site to host, which is now eliminated)
  • Minimized color options to gray and green (also created a digital style guide for specific hex color codes)
  • Centered the ‘category view’ for better visibility
  • Removed boxes on category filters and navigation
  • Added real text to featured categories for site optimization
  • Made homepage slide and mega navigation dropdown full screen
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