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Creative Brief Template

Creative Briefs are documents used to help a team think through and strategize a communications deliverable.

If your executive is keynoting an event, or if you have a campaign around the release of a new report, a creative brief will help you as a communications professional identify your audience, develop a call-to-action, define your goals, apply strategies and tactics and assign needed resources such as team members.

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Press Release Template

A press release is one of the most traditional forms of media. Mostly used as an announcement, a press release serves as a way for you to tell the media and other audiences what it is that you want them to know.

It is an excellent way to control your narrative, as some press outlets will either develop a story from the release or publish it as is. It is also the initial way a journalist decides if they want to follow up with you for interviews to write a story about your particular topic.

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